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Relocation tips you may find useful


To ensure you have a smooth and stress-free relocation, here are some tips that should help:

  • Create a list of items that you want to move (make sure you record every item!) and those items you don’t want moved
  • If temporary storage is required, source it close to your premises
  • Contact us at least one month prior to moving to confirm availability and timing
  • Allow for unusual expenses around moving time – one can never predict for unforeseen eventualities
  • Separate all personal from business items and /or items that you will move yourself
  • On your relocation day, reserve space for the moving vehicles
  • Conduct a final tour to ensure all items to be moved are being moved (check your list – this is why it’s so important)
  • Decommission your equipment – disconnection of services (electrical and gas)
  • Drain Oil and Coolant (we can assist if necessary
  • Back up your programs
  • Fit new batteries, or charge them fully
  • Park your machines
  • Locate the transit jigs

Your project checklist – to save you time and money:

  • Insurance – request “in transit” insurance from your broker
  • Specifics – please provide accurate dimensions, weight, quantities and item types
  • Time frames – commencement and completion dates and times
  • Site conditions – current status of location, special requirements

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.