Waste Management 20 tonne Baler upgrade

Waste Management Project manager Tony Griegson asked us to tackle a fairly tricky job … extract an old 20 tonne Baler from the factory floor and replace with a new 20 tonne Baler all in ONE day.

It was crucial we had the brand new 20 tonne Godswill Baler ready and waiting, so assembly and commissioning could then be completed within 3 days, before the Auckland waste cardboard monster engulfted us. 

It was a carefully orchestrated exercise involving forklifts, jacks, skates, the MRL crew, container devan and we also assisted with assembly. 

The new baler was lifted from the container, the container was skated away, then the baler was lowered onto skates and moved into location.

Interesting to note the short boom on the crane – this was due to the proximity of the High tension wires and the potential danger presented.

MR-L also supplied transport and the crane hire.

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